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25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels - 30ct
25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels - 30ct

25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels - 30ct

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25mg CBD Softgels. Made From High Quality Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD oil. Made in the USA. 3rd party lab testing on all of our products.
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Tasteless and easy to consume, GreenVine CBD Softgels are excellent for consumers looking for convenience or has found his/her perfect dosage. These softgel capsules are dosed at either 10mg or 25mg per capsule.

 A benefit of ingesting the capsule is that it goes through your body’s metabolic system which leads to longer effectiveness between doses. However, the original dose takes longer to take its initial effects due to being metabolized.

To adapt to the gentler initial effectiveness, other consumers have suggested taking the lower dose capsule followed by a low dose tincture in order to receive a quicker effect from the tincture and to maintain that effect for a longer period with the capsule. Our package deals are a great way to achieve this and to save money!

We use a Broad Spectrum CBD in all of our products so rest easy knowing these are 100% THC-free. All of our products are sourced and manufactured in the USA and each product has a unique QR code that will link you to the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) showing the 3rd party lab test results.

Ingredients: Hemp extract, Polysorbate Emulsifiers, medium Chain Triglycerides, B-Caryophyllene, Bovine-Derived Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol and Water

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